Jeff Budzinski

“Spent a few hours playing #662 between last night and this morning.
I’m totally in love with it, it plays and sounds so great
+ I think it’s the most beautiful mandolin I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for sticking with me and not doing the burst, it looks great in the solid color.
I’m especially happy that it sounds as good, but different than my Bluegrass #258 from ‘2000.
The new one is like a sports car just off the line, sweet, shiny, tight and focused.  My old one sounds a little softer and warmer.
I’m excited to think about how it will sound after a few years of playing.  You did a great job and I’m 100% satisfied.  Thanks for carrying on in Rolfe’s great tradition, I wish you tons of success.”


   Jeff Budzinski August 2017