Madeleine’s New Mandolin

Last year, Madeleine had been a participant in the March Mandolin Festival in Concord, New Hampshire, and she fell in love with a Phoenix NeoClassical. Later in the year, she visited the shop with her mother and brother and picked out the woods she liked and features she wanted including a sound port.

We e-mailed pictures of the progress on her mandolin but carefully kept them several weeks behind the real progress so her mandolin was finished before Christmas without her knowing it. Just before Christmas her family all came for a “visit” to her mandolin-in-progress, and she was surprised by the early gift including Jenny’s special inlay of her initials on the finger rest. Her mother later wrote:

“I can tell you that your mandolin has made this a very merry time here. Madeleine is still glowing. This instrument is bringing all of us such joy. We all get to hear it, and Madeleine’s happiness is contagious. What a treasure this mandolin is! Thank you, so much, for making it possible for Madeleine to have this instrument of a lifetime. After leaving your shop, we were in the car for only a few minutes before Madeleine just had to play. We didn’t have a pick, so Dave found a spent gift card in his wallet and took the scissors to it. Madeleine played with that plastic card pick for a couple of hours, playing everything she knew, including almost all of Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’, from The Four Seasons. (She’s playing the first violin part for that in her string chamber orchestra.) It was cool to hear her translate the classical violin style to the mandolin. She found that tremolo worked really well to get the drama in there.”