Paul McCallum

Paul McCallum had been playing his Ne Plus Ultra for classical music with Evan Marshall but Paul decided he wanted a specialized mandolin for this purpose. So he underwrote the creation of the “ultimate classical mandolin.” It was designed as a NeoClassical but with a one-piece 100-year-old European spruce top. It has Ultra-style fingerboard and abalone top and back purfling with a white purfling line on the side of the body, fingerboard, and headstock. Jazz-style dots were used on the face of the fingerboard, a moose bone nut, and a sound port was added on the bass side. Jenny and Rolfe did their most-careful work on the crafting of this mandolin, and Paul’s assessment of the final work was: “Job well done!!!! Every instrument you’ve made me has been fantastic, but there’s something about this one that’s really appealing. As soon as I had the strings to pitch, from the first G scale, I knew it was going to work and work WELL! It’s exactly what I hoped it would be — PERFECT! And my daughter loves that you left a hole in the side so she can see inside the mandolin. I’m very happy with her — can’t wait to go see Evan and resume my classical lessons.”